Weidenbach painting in the Library of Congress

Posted by Michael on November 1st, 2011

This portrait of George Washington was painted by Augustus Weidenbach (AKA Karl Augustus Weidenbach, part of the “Painter Weidenbach” family) in 1876.  At the time, he was probably living in Baltimore Maryland, where he was a professor and artist.

The painting is a reproduction of an original portrait by Gilbert Stuart, and is signed “A. Weidenbach” in the lower left corner.  It is archived in the Library of Congress, where you can obtain a print of the painting, and even see the original!

(We visited Washington DC recently…I wish I had known about this!)

Here’s the Mysterious part…
American art history references describe him as Augustus Weidenbach (1853-1869) or C. Augustus Weidenbach (fl.1853-1869), suggesting that his American paintings date from 1853 to 1869…but this painting was done in 1876…seven years AFTER his (alleged) death!

Even more mysterious…he usually painted landscapes.


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